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About Tyler

Written by Rachael 

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Tyler was born and raised in northern Utah. Tyler is the only boy in his family. Tyler was very adventurous in his younger years. Some of his fondest memories are camping up in the Uinta Mountains with his family. He enjoyed 4-wheeling and tinfoil dinners. Tyler enjoyed working on various projects around the house with his dad. He has many memories of working in his dad's wood shop building and creating different projects. Tyler enjoys welding. In high school he went to a regional competition. After graduating from high school, Tyler left to serve a full-time mission in Detroit, Michigan, for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Upon arriving home from Michigan, Tyler started school at Weber State University. He also began working as a cost accountant.

In 2016 I met Tyler at a mission reunion. I am so grateful he had the courage to ask me on a date!  After a short courtship, we were married in the Mount Timpanogos temple on October 15th, 2016. It was in this same year that Tyler began his schooling at BYU-Idaho. Tyler is currently  working as a staff accountant. 

In his spare time Tyler enjoys being outdoors! He enjoys camping, hiking, 4-wheeling, biking, welding, cooking with his Dutch ovens, and spending time with family. Tyler is a morning person and eager to start his day. Often times I will catch him going for early morning runs or walks around the block. Tyler is a dependable, diligent worker. He is continually optimistic in his approach to life. He is very dedicated to his family, faith, and work responsibilities. Tyler is such a sensitive and caring husband and father. 

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About Rachael

Written by Tyler

Rachael was born and raised in Northern Utah. She grew up in a small community in Utah, which is much different from what it has become today. Rachael is the only child in her family. Some of the things that Rachael enjoyed doing when she was younger include exploring outside and enjoying the mountain region where she grew up. Rachael has always loved animals. She grew up raising cats, dogs, bunnies, a horse, and other animals along the way. Some of Rachael's fond memories include camping in Warm River, Idaho, making tinfoil dinners, fishing, and tubing down the river with her cousins. Rachael has many cherished memories riding her horse with her dad. She also enjoyed irrigating with her dad. She grew up with a special connection to her Mom. They shared numerous road trips visiting the small community of Bern, Idaho, where her Mom shared memories of places and people she enjoyed during her own childhood.  

After graduating from high school, Rachael enrolled at BYU-Idaho. Upon obtaining her Associates Degree, she went on to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Detroit, Michigan. There she met many people and formed lifetime relationships. After her missionary service, she returned to BYU-Idaho, where she graduated with her Bachelors of Science, Child Development.  Just around this time she came into contact with a great looking and funny guy, (hint hint) ... We were married in the Mt. Timpanogos LDS temple on October 15, 2016. Before Rachael and I were married, Rachael worked for an equestrian therapy center. She later went on to teach school and just completed her seventh year. She is now blessed to be a stay at come mom and loving it!

I have loved watching Rachael live her dream of being a mother to our son! It is fun to watch her teach him new things and all the fun they have together. She enjoys spending time with Liam (our Border Collie). She finds joy in discovering new trails to hike and explore the mountains. Rachael has become quite the artist over the past couple of years. Rachael also enjoys photography and is always eager to learn new methods to improve her picture-taking skills. She likes  four-wheeler rides, gardening, and helping others. Rachael delights in thinking of others and showing concern through thoughtful gestures and acts of service. She is so kind, thoughtful, and hard working. I am very grateful to call her my wife! 

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Little Man


This little man has brought our family so much joy! We feel blessed to have him join our family. It has been a delight to watch him grow and develop. From when he was just a young infant, we created a series of affirmations that we would say with him everyday. He has since caught on to the gestures we do. One in particular is that he is brave. He is such a brave and strong little boy. He has no fear! He is very inquisitive with learning and discovering all about the beautiful world in which he lives in. He loves his dog and really all doggy friends! He is very kind and caring. He is always willing to share all that he has with others. He was blessed with the gift to light up any room with his handsome smile. He has an affectious laugh that will brighten anyone's day. He enjoys going on hikes with his mom and dad, finger painting, playing in the sand, playing with his train set, going to the zoo, and butterfly biosphere. 

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Liam is our adorable border collie. He was our first experience with adoption! We are so blessed to have Liam as a part of our family. He is full of love which he expresses to all whom he meets. Liam radiates such a joy for life. He thoroughly enjoys going on hikes, 4-wheeler rides, paddle boarding, running in the irrigation water, splashing in the wading pool, playing fetch, rolling in the snow, going on car rides, and chasing birds.  

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